What Are The Major Problems And Issues Of Globalisation?


Subsidies also depress crop prices abroad by encouraging overproduction. The farm bill President Bush signed in May — with substantial Democratic support — provides about $57 billion in subsidies for American corn and other commodities over the next 10 years. Anyone who has lived or traveled in the third world can attest that while controlled economies theoretically allow governments to help the poor, in practice it’s usually a different story. In Latin America, spending on social programs largely goes to the urban middle class. Attention goes to people who can organize, strike, lobby and contribute money.

  • The transformation of production systems affects the class structure, the labor process, the application of technology, and the structure and organization of capital.
  • Efforts of individual countries to narrow the gap will only have limited effects but coordination in fiscal policy could help foster greater coherence.
  • This led to widespread bankruptcies without legal protection, massive unemployment without a social safety net, and the prompt withdrawal of foreign capital.
  • Yet the challenge of how to make globalization fairer remains for feminist philosophers, as well as all others who strive for equality and justice.

Millions of new jobs have been created all over the world, new businesses set-up, new investments made as a result of Globalization policies. Even social progress indicators like enrollments in education, maternal & child mortality rates, average age etc. have vastly improved over past two decades. Participation of women workforce in economy and in other aspects of life has also improved.

Given this broad conception of intersectionality, feminist theorists of globalization insist that gender injustices arise within specific transnational contexts, such as historical relationships among nations and current global economic policies. However, not all feminist political philosophers agree with this approach. Some believe that new feminist ideals, such as relational understandings of power, collective responsibility, and mutual dependence, are needed to diagnose the gender injustices associated with globalization . For instance, Iris Marion Young argues the traditional ideal theories of justice are unable to account for the unjust background conditions that contribute to the development of sweatshops in the global South. She argues that a new relational model of responsibility, which she calls the social connection model, is needed to articulate the obligations that people in affluent northern countries have to workers in the global South.

Today there are YouTube channels and an interesting bunch of individuals who call themselves „bloggers.“ These people are giving a tough time for traditional media and the entertainment industry. It is globalization that has expanded its global and digital footprint alike. Many countries, especially third world nations are agrarian in their mode of economy. It offers these regions with better opportunities to prosper by providing them international access.


According to Wu Jin , during 2009 global financial crisis, Hong Kong Disneyland left with no choice and plan to raise its entrance ticket prices by nearly twenty percent. The decision was made after numbers of market surveys have been conducted where the tourist visits are not affected by prices but seasonal factors. However, Hong Kong Disney have been threatened and boycotted by local travel agencies and public dismay, hence, it adjusted its price strategy again. According to Stephanie Rohac , France government has reduced 18.6% of value-added tax on Euro Disneyland’s ticket sales to only 7%. Besides that, 20 years loan of $960 million at low and subsidized interest rates of 7.85% is provided too.

Globalization has been a powerful force in shaping modern human history. This comes as the company introduced six new apps, three new services and seven major platform enhancements in Zoho One. Behind the logjams lies a mix of overloaded transportation networks, shortages of labor at key chokepoints, and demand in the U.S. that’s been bolstered by pandemic stimulus and focused more on goods than services. Treasuries were steady on Wednesday, as investors looked to the expected winding down of pandemic-era monetary stimulus in the world’s largest economy. The book has also received criticisms from various opponents of his intellectual work affiliated with libertarian and conservative schools of thought.

globalisation problems

Recognition is growing that our own lives are impacted by events that can only be managed effectively through global coordination. But the difficulties we are seeing in mounting an effective global response to even the most pressing problem of ending this pandemic or reaching carbon agreements at COP26 in a month, reflect two other forces that have also become stronger. The world is becoming increasingly interconnected as governments work together to solve global globalisation problems.

The amount of imports should be reduced in order to prosper national production, and therefore create more working opportunities. All of the mentioned concepts are to attract national business and production in order to create jobs; once foreign products have higher costs, national produced merchandise compete better in the market and therefore the industry grows to create and protect jobs. Secondly, subsidies which sponsor businesses will sponsor some of the businesses in order for them to sell their produce for lower prices than the foreign products so that their produce also competes better in the market. Protectionism also needs higher taxes in order to function properly, and is therefore disliked by many people. More positively, some feminist philosophers contend that globalization has enabled women to claim their human rights by creating „new spaces, institutions and rhetoric where the notion of universal human rights is a powerful justificatory principle“ .


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